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Comprehensive Metabolism Services

 In-vitro metabolism and stability studies
√ Metabolism studies in microsomes, hepatocytes, S9 fraction 
√ Interspecies comparisons in mouse, rat, rabbit, pig, dog, monkey and human
√ P450 enzyme mapping (phenotyping), inhibition and induction studies

√ Protein binding

 Metabolite profiling and identification
√ Metabolite (known and unknown) profiling/radio-profiling using state-
    of-the-art radiodetection methods including TopCount® or γARC™
    Stop Flow for low activity or volatile samples.
√ Metabolite identification and characterization using the latest
    LC/MS/MS instrumentation including AB Sciex API 5000™/4000™

    and Shimadzu LCMS-IT-TOF and Brucker 500/300HMz NMR
√ Bulk metabolite isolation and purification of metabolites for metabolite structure confirmation

√ Comprehensive interspecies comparison
√ Complete metabolism pathway characterization and metabolite structure identification
√ Dedicated biotransformation department with years of
    experience working with challenging drug candidates with complex metabolism profiles 

√ Developed many multiple-analyte and pg/mL level bioanalytical LC/MS/MS methods

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