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Services with XBL(US)

 Quantitative whole body autoradiography
Quantitative/qualitative whole body autoradiography (tissue
   distribution, placental transfer, melanin binding, large animal
   organ or tissue autoradiography, microautoradiography)

Image overlay  verification of site specific radioactivity  with
    raytest AIDA software

Whole blood calibration and quality control standards
Radioactive license for 14C and 3H
Supportive data for other areas (oncology, pathology, toxicology,
    neuroscience, cardiovascular)

GLP, non-GLP and exploratory studies

New QWBA laboratory features dedicated darkroom and HEPA
    filtered air circulation

Turnkey study services :
  · Study design
  · Pharmacokinetics
  · Dosimetry calculations
  · Presentation grade images
  · Integration with excretion balance and metabolite profiling and ID

 Comprehensive NMR services
√ 1-D and 2-D analyses and spectral data interpretation 
 · 1H, 13C, 19F, 15N probes
 · COSY, NOESY, HMQC, HMBC; other specialized studies
 · Sub mg sample analysis, including levels <10μg
 · Capillary NMR analysis available for very mass-limited samples

√ Metabolite structure elucidation/confirmation 
 · Non-labeled or 14C and 3H radiolabeled samples
 · Bulk metabolite isolation and purification from in-vitro or in-vivo matrices

√ Impurities/degradation products 
 · HPLC/UV & LC/MS/MS evaluation of impurity or degradation products
√ Confirmation of impurity structure by NMR

√ Certificate of Analyses 
 · GLP, non-GLP NMR data packages
 · Complete C of A services for test articles and reference standards

 Biological services for biologics and biomarkers
 · Featuring ECL technology
    -  New state-of-the-art SECTOR Imager 6000 from Meso Scale
       Discovery (MSD) provides premiere electrochemiluminescent (ECL)
       technology for immunoassays.
    -  Provides increased sensitivity, wide dynamic range, improved
       drug tolerance in immunogenicity assays, fewer matrix effects
       and more overall flexibility over traditional ELISA methods.
    -  Multiplexing capability allows quantitative measurement of
       multiple analytes or protein biomarkers in a single test sample,
       significantly reducing turn-around time for sample analysis
    -  Study conduct at exploratory, non-GLP, or fully GLP compliant levels
 · Services available
   - Biotherapeutic macromolecule PK & PD
   - Immunogenicity assays
   - Biomarker services: efficacy and safety assessment multiplex assays
   - ELISA-based applications method development & validation

Cell-based assays 
  · New laboratory for conducting various cell-based assays to 
    support discovery, nonclinical and clinical studies.
  · Services available:
    - Biological activity of small molecule compounds & macromolecules
    - Nonclinical toxicity profiling: cell proliferation and cell death
    - Antibody neutralization testing
    - Cell signaling/phosphorylation analyses

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