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Exclusive China Distributor for HARVEY & vARC

√ Combusts dry or wet samples and liquids

√ Combusts samples up to 300 mg, i.e. feces or tissue homogenate, or up to 0.50mL 
    of whole blood
Single or dual labeled samples, 14C and 3H

√ No sample preparation necessary 
Ideal for soil or high ash content materials and fatty samples
√ Unique sample presentation system prevents residue build-up common to other systems

√ Low cost per sample

√ Excellent recovery (98%) with reproduceability within +/- 1%
√ Low memory: less than 50 dpm above background on samples up to 100,000 dpm

√ Catalytic oxidation ensures removal of quenching agents SO2, NO2, etc.
√ Compact table top unit with easy access to all parts
√ Rapid startup: only 15 to 20 minutes from cold
√ Easily serviced by the user; factory service rarely required
√ Easily exhaust vented without a hood

 v.ARC DynamicFlow Radioisotope Detector
√ Direct combination with HPLC and MS system
√ Quantitative and qualitative analysis of major metabolites containing 14C and 3H  
     radioactivity in various bio-samples
√ Resolving high resolution peaks with excellent sensitivity (LOD> 10 CPM)
√ Column recovery is up to 95% for 14C and 50% for 3H
√ The integrated system with FDA 21 CFR part 11 compliance

Exclusive China Distributor for HARVEY & vARC (Link Down)

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