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CEO 's Message 

Welcome to XBL-China, the Asian headquarters of XenoBiotics Laboratories, Inc. (XBL). 

XBL-China, as a CRO company renowed for its capabilities and innovative research in drug metabolism and bioanalytical method development, has a unique style of administration and management, as well as technical excellence. More importantly,XBL-China's professionals, scientists and support staffs strive to achieve both company growth and personal improvement with a full sense of vocation and responsibility. 

We believe that the ultimate success of a high-tech R&D enterprise such as XBL-China comes from the technical excellence , skills, commitment, creativity, and passion of its individuals , and is closely related to each and every employee's personal achievement. This also describes XBL-China's philosophy. 

XBL-China's staff is dedicated to providing high quality and timely  service to our customers. At XBL-China, we welcome challenges, embrace science and strive for excellence. 

Welcome to XBL-China Expect more your reserach partner!  

Jinn Wu,CEO, XBL-China

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