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 XBL-China's Animal Facility Awarded AAALAC Accreditation


Nanjing, China November 09, 2010 - XBL-China, Inc.Animal Research Center has been fully accredited by the International Association for Assessment and Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC).This accreditation demonstrates the company's continuing commitment to provide the highest quality research and development services to the biopharmaceutical industry.This AAALAC accreditation was led by Dr. Diana Wu,Ph.D.,Senior Vice President of Operation at XBL-China and XBL (Plainsboro, New Jersey) with the outstanding leadership and assistance of Yating Xiong,MS.Dr. Wu and Ms. Xiong along with a dedicated senior management team;Jinn Wu, Ph.D.,Zheming Gu,Ph.D., Xinping Fang, Ph.D., Dennis Heller, Ph.D., Hao Feng, MS, bring together more than 75 years experience in contract research in the USA (since 1987) and China (since 2008)
Full AAALAC accreditation is a reflection of our commitment to animal care, welfare, and safety.XBL-China joins XBL (US) in providing this high quality standard.
"We are aware that full AAALAC accreditation is essential for establishing credibility within the biopharmaceutical CRO industry.We have worked diligently to achieve this goal at XBL-China since commencement of formal operations in 2009. With our dedicated senior management and scientists, we are committed to providing biopharmaceutical companies first rate scientific research and development services under a global GLP standard." commented Jinn Wu, Ph.D., CEO and President of XBL and General Manager, XBL-China.
XBL-China, Inc., located in the Eco & Technology Zone, Nanjing, China, provides global biopharmaceutical companies with high quality R&D services including complete drug metabolism with radio-isotope labeled and non-labeled studies, regulated bioanalytical services, formulation development, product registration, etc. For further information on the services provided by XBL-China please contact: Dr. Zheming Gu (Gu_zheming@xbl-china.com
) or visit www.xbl-china.com

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