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XBL-China in the 18th International Symposium on Microsomes and Drug Oxidations, 2010MDO

NanJing,China,May 24,2010 - During May 17 to 20, an XBL-China delegation, led by General Manager, Dr. Jinn Wu, attended "The 18th International Symposium on Microsomes and Drug Oxidations, 2010MDO" held in Beijing, China. The conference was sponsored by Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (CAMS) and cosponsored by the Institute of Materia Medica (IMM).  This is the first time that this international MDO conference held in China. About 400 of professors, researchers, pharma-industrial scientists and graduate students from top universities, research institutes, global/domestic pharmaceutical companies and other related enterprises attended the conference.  The conference speaker presented their advanced research results and discussed the challenges and trends in metabolism research field.

As one of the gold sponsors, XBL-China hosted the Lunch Presentation on May 17th 2010. XBL-China General Manager, Dr. Jinn Wu, Deputy Manager, Dr. Xinping Fang and XBL(US) VP, Dr. Zheming Gu presented XBL-China's service capabilities and introduced the application of radio-isotope labeling technique in drug metabolism research for new drug research and development programs. Their presentations received many responses from scientific and regulatory experts.

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