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Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics International Workshop-Application of Radioisotope Techniques in New Drug R&D

Nanjing,China June 4-5,2011 -  The Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics International Workshop - Application of Radioisotope Techniques in New Drug R&D was organized by the Chinese Society of Studying Xenobiotics (CSSX), China Pharmaceutical University (CPU), XBL-China, Inc and Jiangsu Pharmacological Society (JPS). This event, a one and half-day full-immersion workshop, was the first of its kind in China to systematically introduce and enhance the technology of the low energy radiolabel isotopes in new drug R&D.This workshop brought together scientists and experts from across China and the rest of the world to discuss, review and share perspectives on radioisotope technologies. A total of 12 speakers from SFDA, pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, and CROs provided interesting and pertinent oral presentations. All discussions were focused on the application of radioisotopes in innovative research. We invited the following internationally renowned experts to speak at this event:
· Professor Changxiao Liu, CSSX - Chairperson
· Professor Guangji Wang, Vice President of China Pharmaceutical University
· Dr. Jinn Wu, President of XenoBiotic Laboratories, Inc.
· Dr. Haiyue Wang , SFDA
· Dr. Zheming Gu, Deputy General Manager of XBL-China, Inc.
· Dr. Min Huang, Dean School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Sun Yat-Sen University
· Dr. Haifeng Song,Professor of Military Medical Radiolabel Technology Research Institute
· Dr. Guorong Fan, Professor of the Second Military Medical University.
· Dr. Su Zeng, Professor of Zhejiang University
· Dr. Zhuohan Hu, General Manager of Research Institute for Liver Disease (Shanghai Co.Ltd)
· Dr. Ron White, Vice President of XenoBiotic Laboratories, Inc.
· Mr. Stefan Linehan , Group Leader of Autoradiography of  XenoBiotic Laboratories, Inc.
· Mike Chappelle, Quotient Bioresearch

In addition to this workshop, a post-workshop site visit was held on the afternoon of June 5, 2011, which provided an opportunity for visitors to briefly examine a local CRO company----XBL-China, Inc.
This workshop brought together an exceptional group of regulator and experts to discuss the most up-to-date regulatory and scientific perspectives on radioisotope technologies. The great success of the workshop confirms the keen interest of the research institutes, industry members, and the regulatory bodies, working together to achieve scientific excellence, and quality assurance and compliance.
Please look through the PPT of presentations via: http://www.xbl-china.com/english/news.asp?act=xx&ID=175&ClassID=1&ParentID=30  or http://www.xbl-china.com/link/Topic.rar

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